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Intermedia 1968


Werner Allen, a film maker and former architect appointed as the Director of Intermedia. Ellie Gomber hired as the administrative secretary and remains for the duration of Intermedia's existence.

Werner Allen, Intermedia Director 1968-70

February: event at Douglas Gallery with TheCo, including Helen Goodwin, Steve Cummings, Evelyn Roth,Gary Lee Nova, and others.

June 21: article in the Province, What John Neon Can and Cannot Do.

Summer event, Intermedia Nights, Vancouver Art Gallery. Exhibition includes Prisma, a mirrored hexagonal room by Gary Lee Nova, Michael Morris, Ken Ryan and Al Hewitt. Debut of John Neon's fluorescent tube sculptures and installations.

Installation by John Neon during Intermedia Nights, Vancouver Art Gallery, 1968

Events: bill bissett's Mandan Ghetto Massacre, poetry and music performance. The Al Neil /Gregg Simpson Duo: 39 Wonderful Years in Show Business which included John Neon's Musical Steps sculpture. Also featured were James Barber-audience participation pieces and evenings by Helen Goodwin, Evelyn Roth and others.

Al Neil and Gregg Simpson prepare for 39 Wonderful Years in Show Business

Various articles in Vancouver Sun by Joan Lowndes, Norman Wilson and James Barber.

Sept. 9: event at 575 Beatty St.: Underwater Movies included a triple screen projection by Gerry Gilbert and several short films by david w and Gregg Simpson.

Poster by Gregg Simpson for Underwater Movies, Sept. 9, 1968

Featured films were: Home Movie by Gerry Gilbert; Haitian Hiatus,Transcendent Melancholy,Tibetan Mix, Merde in the Cathedral and Charisma Cowboys by Gregg Simpson; The White Bore, Love as in Joy, Mantra, Oregon and Francesca by david w.

October 4: review in Georgia Straight of Spectrum 68 at the Vancouver Art Gallery (included work by Ed Varney, Gregg Simpson and others)

October 5: article in Vancouver Sun, Grant Awarded.

December 20: event, Radio Free Rainforest, tape loops, sound, etc. Gerry Gilbert and Dennis Vance at 575 Beatty Street.

Intermedia Nights, Vancouver Art Gallery, summer, 1968

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