Saturday, January 29, 2011

Intermedia 1969

Al Neil: Pataphysical dance, CBC TV live at Intermedia

January 8: event, Intermedia Film Co-operative Marathon Benefit at the Vancouver Art Gallery produced by Al Razutis. Article: by M.J. Ruvinsky in The Province (Poster by Al Razutis)

Glenn Lewis and Gathie Falk, performance piece for CBC TV at Intermedia

Event: CBC Television documentary on Intermedia included music by the Al Neil /Gregg Simpson Duo and Glenn Lewis and Gathie Falk's theatre pieces.

Al Neil and Gregg Simpson, CBC TV, recording at Intermedia, Nov. 1969

March 14: preview of Electrical Connection, annual Intermedia exhibition and events at the Vancouver Art Gallery in The Province. Includes fibre optic installation by Tom Osborne.

March: event, publication of Ed Varney's Openings, first book from Intermedia Press.

Vancouver Sun interview, Intermedia Assaults the Interface, Ann Finkel and Werner Aellen.

April: event, publication of Circular Causation, edited by Jorg Heyman and Scott Lawrance.

April 2: event, Performance Fractions For the West Coast, Yvonne Ranier

April event, Electrical Connection, Intermedia exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

April 9: review, Electrical Connection, Richard Anstey concert in The Vancouver Sun. The following are reviews of the exhibition which appeared in the Vancouver Sun:

April 10: article, Electrical Connection: Day 3 by Andreas Schroeder.

April 11: article, Electrical Connection Day 4 by James Barber

April 12: article, Electrical Connection Day 5 by Brian McLeod

April 18 :article, Varney's Moving Kitchen, article by Norm Severud.

Two reviews of Electrical Connection in The Province.

May 16: article, Summer Festival Proposal by Norm Wilson in the Vancouver Province.

June 20: event, Intermedia Nights Film Night, Victoria Art Gallery. Included films by David Rimmer: Migration; Danny Fisher: Seatta; Tom Shandell: El Diablo; Arnold Saba: Euphoria; Peter Bryant: Felix; Gordon Fidler: Phase 2; Bill Fix: Underground; and Al Sens: Cartoon.

June 21: Exhibition: Spaces (Sound and Light Sculpture and environmental installations) at Victoria Art Gallery included Dave Rimmer, Gregg Simpson, Bob Arnold, David Knox, Gary Lee Nova and others.

July 19, 20 & 21: Moon Festival, at the Vancouver Planetarium, Sunset and Second Beaches. Included:Herb Gilbert-balloons, Werner Alien - moon phone and data links, Rare Boutique - banners, Tad Young - bubble machine, also featured Helen Goodwin, Dean Fogal and Chuck Rief.

August 8: event, Trudeau Dinner, at the Seaforth Armoury. Articles by Ian Macdonald & Kay Alsop in The Vancouver Sun.

Article: Intermedia at 4th Avenue by Charlotte Townsend in November

Production of magazine, Radio Free Rainforest edited by Gerry Gilbert.
November 17 - 28: Poet-Critic '69, Concrete Poetry Show, SUB Galery, UBC included Judy Copithorne and Ed Varney.

November 30 - December 6: Walls Graph, Glenn Lewis at the Ace Gallery,Vancouver.

December 4: event, Intermedia Illusions, University of Alberta SUB, including Don Druick - music,Maxine Gadd - poetry, Dave Rimmer - film, Judy Copithorne - poetry, Ed Varney – poetry/projections,Henry Rappaport – poetry, Dennis Vance - sound.


Herb Gilbert at the Moon Festival, Vancouver Planetarium

December 5: event, Intermedia Illusions, Edmonton Art Gallery, same personnel as above.

Event: publication of Free Media Bulletin, edited by Jeff Wall, Duane Lunden and Ian Wallace.

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